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SHP benefits the life of rural families
¡ªan unforgettable visit of the international participants to Liugongtian village

   ---On June 14th 2012, the 24 members of "Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries" from 17 countries visited Liugongtian Village in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The purpose of this trip is to provide the participants of the workshop conducted by HRC with the chance to know the development of China rural economy, especially the role that small hydropower played.

   With the company of Shengzhou Water Resources Bureau and the committee leadership of local village, the participants visited Diaojiaowan Small Hydropower Plant. And after that, they were divided into several groups to visit the local rural families and had the chance to talk to them face to face.

   Liugongtian Village, locates in Shengxi mountain area, was the village with poor collective economy. In order to cast off the label of poverty, the villagers had strong desire to utilize rich water resources and build hydropower plant to strengthen collective economy. In 1994, with the support of local Water Resources Bureau, one hydropower plant with the capacity of 450kW and the annual power generation of 1, 200,000 kWh was finally built. With the establishing of the power plant, the collective economic of the village had increased a lot, and the welfare of the villagers had been significantly improved. Since the hydropower station had been put into operation 10 years ago, the village not only paid the loan back, but also improved the living condition of the villagers considerably. For examples, the village invested millions yuan in total to install tap water, build village roads, prepare medical care for the villagers. In addition, local students admitted to the universities and colleges can instantly have stipend of 2000 yuan. And villagers at the age of 60 and above are able to have the living allowance of 250-400 yuan per capita at the end of each year.

   The participants were all very interested in the life of local villagers, and asked a lot of questions, e.g. the housing condition of local villagers, and their family members, their incomes, etc. In one house of the local villager, we saw the Chinese painting and handwriting of the householder, which was greatly appreciated by the participants. In return, the householder introduced Chinese handwriting to all participants, and some of the participants tried to write with the writing brush. At last, the householder came up with his own Chinese hand writing works and presented to the monitor of the training workshop - Mr. Ramesh from Nepal. The householder not only sent his blessing to our guests from foreign countries, but also hoped that the friendship between China and Nepal will last forever.

   Many participants expressed that this activity gave them the opportunity to witness the changes of the Chinese villagers' living condition with the construction of small hydropower stations. It was an unforgettable experience and very impressive.

   Combined with the visits of international participants, the Party Committee, the Trade Union, and the Communist Youth League of HRC organized the activity to condole with the heirless elderly, and visited 15 elderly people along with the international participants. Representatives from HRC sent rice, cooking oil and other gifts to them to express the care and concern. The activity has been warmly welcomed by the local villagers. (2012-07-06)




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