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Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries Opened at HRC

   ---On 24 May 2012, a beautiful day with drizzle in Hangzhou, the opening ceremony of "Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries" ----- one of the Foreign-Aid Projects of Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), was held at the spacious and bright multi-function hall of HRC, where the flowers bloomed, the national flags of China and 17 participating countries fluttered. The participants from Asia, Africa, Latin American and Oceania come all the way here to attend the rewarding event.

   HRC Director Ms. Cheng Xialei and Honorary Director Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang addressed at the opening ceremony respectively. They extended sincere regards and warm welcome to all the participants and wished a great success of the training program based on the in-depth exchange of technology and experience in the field of hydropower and other renewable energy among China and the participating countries. Mr. Anas Haj Mohamad, who is responsible for renewable energy projects in Syria, made a speech on behalf of all the participants, express their thanks to the Chinese Government and the organizer for the "tremendous chance" and "nice hospitality", and they would like to "make this training workshop a special one". It was highly expected that "this workshop will end with good information and strong friendship". Deputy Director Mr. Huang Jianping and some division chiefs and lecturers of HRC were also present at the ceremony.

   Totally 24 participants from 17 countries, i.e. Cambodia, Dominica, Ethiopia, Fiji, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Vanuatu, Zimbabwe, as well as 1 participant from Sri Lanka who will arrive at HRC three days after the opening ceremony, will spend a wonderful period of one and a half months in the picturesque city of China, during which, various activities are to be conducted, including the presentations, the technical discussions, the visits to SHP stations, equipment manufacturers, university and villages.

   The implementation of this training program aims to enable the participants to be better informed of the SHP development in China as well as the concerned standards, new technology and experience, and to strength the technical exchange, cooperation and friendship among the developing countries. (2012-05-28)




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