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Regular Meeting for Scientific Research and Production Management of 2012 Held in HRC

   ---On the afternoon of February 8th, 2012, HRC held the Regular Meeting for Scientific Research and Production Management which was presided over by Director Cheng Xialei.

   At the meeting, all the division chiefs of HRC reported the fulfillment of division goals of 2011, put forward working plans and goals as well as concrete steps and measures for 2012. Suggestions were put forward on resource integration, management and the modification of relevant management rules of HRC.

   After listening to the working reports of all the divisions attentively, Director Ms. Cheng Xialei said that HRC in 2011 gained a fast and stable development, and made a great achievement. Some agreements were made during the meeting: firstly, a unified understanding in resource integration was reached in order to undertake projects, maintain qualification and reduce the expenditure in operation and management. Then, after thorough investigation, a feasible plan should be worked out. Secondly, in 2012, a higher goal should be scored. Especially, there is a great potential in efficiency improvement and capacity enlargement of rural hydropower, HRC should take steps to make a breakthrough. Thirdly, accelerate platform construction. HRC will strive for the establishment of engineering center and acquiring the qualification of inspection center, and actively implement the inspection work. Fourthly, the application of scientific research projects should be well conducted. HRC should ensure the implementation of "948" program, popularization scheme, Transformation of Agricultural Sci-tech Achievements program, special project in SHP industry, and supporting projects; at the same time, actively apply for the standards research and other projects. Fifthly, make every effort to apply for the training base of aid to foreign countries. In accordance with the related regulations, HRC should take an active part in its preparation and competition.

   Deputy Director Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Secretary of NRIRE's CPC Committee gave speeches on the work under their leadership respectively.

   Deputy Chief Engineer of HRC, division chiefs and Assistant Director attended the meeting. (2012-02-15)




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