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30th Anniversary Celebration & New Year Ceremony of HRC Held

   ---Snow flakes bid farewell to the old year, reminding people of the harmonious past of HRC; the golden dragon ushers in the Chinese new year, while celebrating 30th anniversary of HRC.

   On 14th January, 30th Anniversary Celebration and 2012 New Year Ceremony of HRC were held. President of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI) Mr. Zhang Jianyun, Director of International Center on Small Hydropower Mr. Liu Heng, Vice President of NHRI Mr. Li Yun, Mr. Dai Jiqun, Chief Accountant Mr. Xue Yayun, and representatives of CPC Committee Office, President's Office, Personnel Office, Logistics Service Center, Survey and Design Institute, etc., HRC leaders Ms. Cheng Xialei, Mr. Xu Jincai, Mr. Huang Jianping, Mr. Xie Yimin, and HRC working staff and retirees attended the ceremony. Over 190 people happily gathered together to have a review on HRC's development during the past 30 years, as well as to celebrate the coming New Year.

   Mr. Zhang Jianyun gave a passionate speech. On behalf of NHRI, he conveyed his sincere greeting and heartfelt thanks to HRC staff and wished all the retired staff, HRC leaders and staff members a happy new year. In Mr. Zhang's speech, he pointed out that HRC has done a lot for the international cooperation of small hydropower and provided effective technical service and support for development of domestic rural hydropower and electrification program after its creation. HRC made remarkable achievements in various aspect of work in the past 2011. Firstly, the total output of scientific research and development reached RMB 150 mil Yuan, hitting a new record. Secondly, HRC gained a growing influence both at home and abroad, especially after the successful implementation of Ministerial Seminar on Water Resources and Small Hydropower for Developing Countries which was highly praised by Ministry of Water Resources. Thirdly, it is not easy for HRC to keep stable development in world market during the period of economic recession. Fourthly, HRC staff members put on a brand new image with full energy and vitality. At last, President Mr. Zhang Jianyun wished everyone be healthy and lucky in the new year, and hoped that HRC could make more outstanding achievement in 2012.

   At the ceremony, HRC Director Ms. Cheng Xialei, HRC's Honorary Director Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang delivered speeches respectively and expressed their best wishes for the New Year.

   All the divisions, league branch, retired staff and HRC leaders prepared wonderful performances such as dancing, chorus, solo, playing saxophone, Kunqu opera, playing Chinese violin, etc, as well as playing games and lottery.

   Stars twinkled that night and the new year was stepping in soon. With expectation and passion, we are anticipating a bright future. The ceremony ended with the dance named "Getting Better and Better". (2012-01-31)




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