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2011 Reporting Conference of Division Chiefs Held in HRC

   ---On the morning of 31th December, 2011 Reporting Conference of Division Chiefs was held in HRC. HRC's Director Ms. Cheng Xialei presided over the meeting. Deputy Directors Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Secretary Mr. Xie Yimin attended the meeting.

   At the meeting, division chiefs reported the work their divisions conducted in 2011 and the preliminary plans for 2012, as well as the condition of their self-discipline. They also put forward suggestions and opinions on the future development of their divisions and HRC.

   After listening to the report, Director Cheng delivered a speech, in which, she acknowledged that all the division chiefs had been very conscientious in reporting the work and made careful reflection, and also put forward some good suggestions. In 2011, HRC made great achievements and breakthroughs in terms of scientific research, platform construction, international cooperation and harmonious construction of HRC. She also pointed out that the situation of HRC's scientific research and production had been greatly improved comparing with those of the last two years, which represents a good start for HRC's "2011-2015 Development Plan". With the concerted efforts made by HRC's staff members, it has spread its influence and adjusted the relations with other organizations and institutions, thus laying good foundation for HRC's further development. We integrated resources and made considerable achievements in the construction of engineering center and monitoring center and the work on efficiency improvement and capacity enlargement. Besides, we have achieved better cooperation among divisions. In 2012, HRC will continue to strive for building the platform, improving institutional reforms, fostering talents, expanding markets and constructing harmonious culture, in order to provide a better environment for HRC's development. We hope that on the basis of the achievement of this year, we can make great progress in the following year, and HRC's future work will enter into a new stage.

   Director Cheng pointed out the drawbacks in work that need to be improved. We need to carefully reflect on and analyze the problems occurred in 2011 and put forward solutions and suggestions. After the Spring Festival holiday, a special conference will be held for the discussion of these problems.

   Deputy Directors Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Secretary Mr. Xie Yimin reported on the work that had been conducted under their supervision respectively.

   After the reports, participants filled in the evaluation form prudently, and carried out democratic appraisal on eight division chiefs and eleven administrative staff members, and voted on the advanced groups.

   Totally twenty-two participants including middle-ranking officials, delegates of Communist Youth League, and Trade Union and Woman representatives attended the meeting.(2012-01-09)




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