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   --- China has most of the small hydropower (SHP) stations in the world.There have been 43027 SHP stations by the end of 2001 with total installed capacity 26262MW. Due to the extensive experience that China has gained through the practice of SHP development, the United Nations and the Chinese government set up jointly Hangzhou Regional (Asia & Pacific) Center for Small Hydropowed (HRC) in 1981,with the mission to stimulate SHP exploitation through training, R&D,consultation and information dissemination in the Asian-Pacific Region. With the efforts taken all these years,HRC is thus labeled as the family of world SHP. At the beginning of the new century, HRC was given the award of "Model of South-South Cooperation"by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC). All the equipment applied in the Chinese SHP stations are made in China. After some 50 years'practice, development and standardization, a complete series of SHP equipment has been formed.This catalogue is intended to introduce the micro hydro power with capacity below 100kW. Altogether 6 series of equipment is covered:package unit, s-type tubular unit,cross-flow
unit,Turgo unit,barrel type unit and open flume unit, over 10 sorts of varieties, appropriate for head range from 1m to 100m. Such equipment is easy to manufacture, low in cost, reliable in operation and simple in maintenance. Therefore, the equipment is fit for those developing countries. Specific hydropower products can be supplied as required by the customers.

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