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Small Hydropower Engineering Quality Inspection Center

  Small Hydropower Engineering Quality Inspection Center (hereafter referred to as "center") was established in 1995. The center passed Metrological Certification in February, 2012 and obtained Class A Qualification for Quality Inspection Organization which was approved by Ministry of Water Resources. It has the competence to undertake quality inspection in terms of electromechanical and measuring type for a variety of hydraulic engineering (including primary embankment).

  The center can undertake inspection items as follows:

  1.Performance Testing of Soil Physical Mechanics
  2.Performance Testing of Rock Mechanics
  3.Engineering Inspection of Foundation Treatment
  4.Geosynthetic Testing
  5.Quality Inspection of Welding Line
  6.Quality Inspection of Fabrication and Installation
  7.Quality Inspection of Coating
  8.Testing of a variety of Hoist and Trash-removal Machine
  9.Hydraulic Engineering Survey
  10.Safety Monitoring of Hydraulic Engineering
  11.Hydraulic Machinery Testing
  12.Electrical Equipment Testing

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