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Safety Monitoring Center for Small Hydro Engineering

  Safety Monitoring Center for Small Hydro Engineering was established in 2005. The center is engaged in scientific research, in-situ testing and material testing in geotechnical engineering with technical support from Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute. In recent years, the center has undertaken over 20 projects independently or cooperatively, such as in-situ monitoring of concrete faced rockfill dam, roller compacted concrete dam, earth-rock dam reinforcement, seawall project, landslide section of highway and so on, which was favorably reviewed by project owners and other relevant organizations.

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Safety Monitoring Projects Undertaken in Recent Years
1 Installation and Commissioning of Observation Instruments in Huilong Pumped Storage Power Station in Nanyang, Henan 2001.62004.12 Installed capacity is 120,000kW
2 Safety Monitoring System for Concrete Face Rockfill Dam of Zipingpu Hydraulic Project in Sichuan 2004.42005.12 Max.dam height is 156m
3 Automatic System for Dam Safety Monitoring of Gangkouwan Reservoir in Anhui 1999.112002.11 Storage capacity is 123,540,000m3
4 Safety Monitoring System of Heshan Dam in Guangdong 2002.82003.2 Storage capacity is 87,000,000m3
5 Prototype Measurement on Barrage in Section II of Reinforcement Project of Tongjiqiao Reservoir in Pujiang County 2006.12006.10 Storage capacity is 8097m3
6 Prototype Measurement of Reinforcement Project of Yuankou Reservoir in Wuyi County 2006.22006.12 Storage capacity is 2360m3
7 Prototype Measurement of Huangshawu Reclamation Project in Haiyan 2006.92008.9 -level project, for controlling the 50-year flood
8 In-situ Observation of Reclamation Project of Xidatang in Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2006.102008.10 -level project, for controlling the 50-year flood
9 Prototype Measurement of Reclamation Project in Zhinan, Beilun, Ningbo 2006.72008.9 -level project, for controlling the 50-year flood
10 In-situ Observation of Slope Reinforcement for Landslide Mass in Section I of Taizhou of Zhuyong Highway 2007.22007.5  
11 Reclamation Project in Ma'ao Town, Dinghai District 2006 Reclamation Project
12 Prototype Measurement of II Section Barrage of Reinforcement Project of Tongjiqiao Reservoir and in Pujiang County 2006 Geotechnical Engineering
13 Dapukou Sluice Gate, Pump Station and Connected Section of the River Way Project in Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2006 Urban Flood-Control Project
14 Daxikeng River Regulation Project in Xiakou, Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2006 River Regulation Project
15 In-situ Monitoring of IV Section of Zhinan Reclamation Project in Guoju, Beilun District 2006 In-situ Monitoring
16 In-situ Observation of External Reclamation for Xidatang in Dinghai District 2006 In-situ Monitoring
17 In-situ Observation for Regulation and Reclamation project of Huangwusha in Haiyan County 2006 In-situ Monitoring
18 Refurbishment Project of Zhuzhishan Sluice in Xiaosha, Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2007 Urban Flood-control Project
19 Extension Project of East Sluice in Gankou Town, Haiding District, Zhoushan 2007 Urban Flood-control Project
20 Huangmache Gate Project in Shuangqiao Town, Haiding District, Zhoushan 2007 Channel Improvement Project
21 Technical Consultation for Prototype Observation of Reclamation Project (First Phase) of East Section in Haiyan, Jiangxin 2007 Geotechnical Engineering
22 Design Optimization of Foreshore Reclamation Project in Maao, Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2007 Reclamation Project
23 Shengli Gate Project in Ma'ao Town, Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2007 Urban Flood-control Project
24 Zhiluomen Dock Foreshore Reclamation Project in Changzhishan 2008 Reclamation Project
25 Dam Safety Monitoring System and "Three-prevention" Consultation System of Reinforcement Project of Jiaokou Reservoir 2008 Reservoir Project
26 Preliminary Design and Construction Drawing for Seawall of Daqudao Manufacturing Base in Daishan 2008  
27 Seawall Project of Luotou Shipyard in Zhoushan 2008  
28 Gate Construction Project in Dapuxinhe and Lianqin in Shuangqiao Town, Dinghai District, Zhoushan 2008  
29 Baiquanlang Foreshore Reclamation Project in Zhoushan 2008 Reclamation Project


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